Los Angeles’ Healthcare Innovators: Top 15 Hospital Startups to Watch in 2023

Pushing boundaries and redefining patient care in the City of Angels.

1. OutcomeMD

Reimagining Patient-Doctor Dynamics with Outcome Tracking
OutcomeMD stands out as an Outcome Tracking SaaS Company that prioritizes aligning doctor and patient interests. By encouraging doctors to track patient outcomes, they’re ensuring enhanced healthcare services.

2. HolliBlu

Uniting Nurses Worldwide
HolliBlu is more than a startup – it’s a global community exclusively for nurses. This platform recognizes the invaluable contributions of nurses and provides them with a space to connect, learn, and grow.

3. WeCare

Bridging Global Medical Technology to Africa
While headquartered in Los Angeles and Europe, WeCare’s mission is clear: to make an impact in Africa by offering state-of-the-art medical technology solutions.

4. Cerebro Solutions

Revolutionizing Hospital Staffing
Cerebro Solutions is on a mission to simplify hospital staffing. With its platform, hospitals and clinicians can easily post and pick up both per diem and contract shifts.

5. Doola

Redefining End-of-Life Care
Doola presents a compassionate approach to end-of-life services, offering online funeral arrangements and an eco-friendly water-based cremation method.

6. Recover Well

Bridging the Gap in Mental Health and Addiction Treatment
RecoverWell’s SaaS platform connects hospitals with mental health and addiction treatment providers, ensuring comprehensive care for those in need.

7. Altior Healthcare

Prioritizing Youth Mental Health
Altior Healthcare stands out by offering specialized mental health treatment services for adolescents and young adults, catering to a crucial demographic.

8. Hansei Solutions

Third-Party Billing Made Simple
Hansei Solutions tailors its offerings to all types of facilities, specializing in third-party billing solutions.

9. Men’s Health Foundation

Championing Men’s Health Research and Clinical Care
This non-profit organization partners with Mills Clinical Research and the Southern California clinical community to address and improve men’s healthcare challenges.

10. Mobile Health Diagnostics

Taking Healthcare Services On the Go
Mobile Health Diagnostics offers a variety of mobile health services including audiometric detection and consulting, ensuring essential health tests are more accessible.

11. Happy the Movement

A Beacon of Hope for Mental Wellness
This mental health care center offers specialized treatments for anxiety and depression, emphasizing the importance of mental well-being.

12. The Breathe Institute

Sleep Better, Breathe Better
With its expertise in diagnosing and treating breathing and sleep-related problems, The Breathe Institute ensures that patients can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

13. OrthodontiCell

Accelerating Orthodontic Procedures with Bioelectric Solutions
Orthodonticell’s innovative appliance speeds up tooth movement in orthodontic procedures, making dental care quicker and more efficient.

14. Expy Health

Virtual Recovery, Real Results
Expy Health offers a musculoskeletal recovery platform and community. With its emphasis on virtual and remote care, patients can recover faster and more comfortably.

15. SNF Wound Care

Comprehensive Bedside Care and Training
SNF Wound Care is renowned for its bedside surgical wound, skin care, and other essential services. Their emphasis on training ensures medical professionals are always at the top of their game.

Los Angeles continues to be a hub of innovation in the healthcare industry. These 15 startups are a testament to the city’s commitment to improving patient care, advancing medical technology, and redefining the healthcare landscape.

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