Pasadena’s Tech Titans: Unveiling 15 Game-Changing IT Startups

Exploring the Innovations & Solutions of Pasadena’s Brightest IT Firms

1. Kitchen United
Overview: Aiming to revolutionize the restaurant landscape, Kitchen United extends a complete solution enabling restaurant brands to expand seamlessly and profitably.

2. MetaMedia
Overview: With a focus on entertainment, MetaMedia offers an avant-garde cloud-based platform that bridges the gap between content creators and theaters.

3. InteliGlas Corporation
Overview: Embracing the future of buildings, InteliGlas presents an Autonomous Smart Building system that learns on its own, anchored on a 24/7 autopilot cloud platform.

4. Xosphere
Overview: Xosphere is leading the way in intelligent cloud orchestration, ensuring optimized cloud operations and smoother workflows.

5. REALTIME Technologies
Overview: Carving its niche as a Managed Service Provider, REALTIME Technologies supports clients across diverse sectors, streamlining IT operations.

6. limestats
Overview: Dedicated to unlocking the mysteries of eBay, limestats offers data mining software that aids in eBay competitor analysis and marketplace understanding.

Overview: As a comprehensive software development firm, UPDG stands at the forefront of crafting technological solutions tailored to diverse needs.

8. Calibrated Therapeutics
Overview: Bridging health with technology, Calibrated Therapeutics provides a holistic health and wellness platform, enhancing lives through innovative solutions.

9. Alliance for Southern California Innovation
Overview: Championing growth and innovation, the Alliance is committed to fostering and expediting the progress of SoCal’s tech and life sciences sectors.

10. Audience Media TV
Overview: Empowering content creators in the OTT space, Audience Media TV facilitates direct distribution to audiences, boosting ad revenue prospects.

11. Alpha Token Foundation
Overview: With a vision of digital autonomy, Alpha Token (ATK) is on a mission to enable users to reclaim control over their online presence.

12. Cynrgi Labs
Overview: Catering to businesses of all sizes, Cynrgi Labs provides state-of-the-art technological solutions that drive growth and efficiency.

13. WinC Services
Overview: A versatile IT firm, WinC Services delivers an array of IT support, web solutions, and managed services, propelling businesses to new heights.

14. Kairos Partners
Overview: Offering a trifecta of services – Strategic IT Consulting, Cybersecurity, and Managed IT, Kairos Partners is dedicated to fortifying businesses against digital threats.

Overview: Breaking new grounds, AEGERIA’s cloud-based software empowers enterprises to develop, manage, and tweak their strategies in real-time, ensuring agility and success.

Pasadena, known for its rich history and scenic beauty, is also making waves in the tech world. These 15 IT startups showcase the city’s prowess in melding innovation with entrepreneurial spirit.

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