Los Angeles’ Virtual Vanguard: Pioneering VR Startups in the City of Angels

Dive into the city’s top innovators revolutionizing the Virtual Reality landscape.

Fashion 88

Redefining the Fashion Retail Experience
While Fashion 88 may not have an online presence just yet, it’s making waves in the industry with its VR-based platform tailored to enhance fashion retail experiences.

Esqapes Immersive Relaxation

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Harnessing the potential of Virtual Reality, Esqapes offers a serene escape into VR-based wellness. Transforming the way users relax and rejuvenate.

Second Studio

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An amalgamation of robust design tools in a virtual environment, Second Studio stands as a testament to what advanced enterprise design platforms can truly achieve.

Live Planet VR System

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Touted as the first end-to-end solution for capturing, storing, streaming, and recording immersive VR content, Live Planet is changing the way we perceive and use VR media.


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Blending Proptech with VR, Blockchain, AI, Big Data, and more, DoubleDoor stands at the crossroads of real estate and fintech, offering unique virtual touring experiences.

Genius Ventures Inc

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A forerunner in augmented reality and immersive technology, Genius Ventures Inc is consistently pushing boundaries, merging reality with the virtual world.


Physical and Mental Wellness through VR
Lacking a digital footprint doesn’t stop IFGCure from being a significant player in the VR wellness industry, offering innovative solutions for both physical and mental well-being.


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Offering a VR platform for 24-hour telepresence, PeekPeek is revolutionizing interactivity and accessibility in the digital age.


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With a promise of “Putting the Motion in Virtual Reality™”, vMocion is setting a new benchmark in enhancing the VR experience.

Modal VR

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Simply put, Modal VR stands tall as a global contender in the VR arena, captivating users with their immersive solutions.

List Ventures LLC

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A research-centric SaaS firm, List Ventures emphasizes AI-driven tools that ensure inclusive access to capital, showcasing the diverse applications of VR.

Well Played Studios

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Game on! Well Played Studios specializes in VR gaming experiences and interactive content, setting the stage for the future of entertainment.

Final Pixel

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Final Pixel isn’t just a virtual production company; it’s an institution offering consultation, content, and training services, solidifying its place in the VR industry.


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Blurring the lines between the digital and physical, IDEA creates mesmerizing digital environments that leave a lasting impact.


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Paving the way for VR production globally, SKY VR’s reputation as one of the world’s leading VR production entities remains uncontested.

Los Angeles, with its rich tapestry of innovation, continues to be a hotbed for virtual reality pioneers. These 15 companies exemplify the city’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries and shaping the future of VR.

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