Oakland’s EdTech Revolution: 15 Startups Redefining Learning

From VR Classrooms to Spiritual Life Coaching: Discover Oakland’s Most Innovative Educational Enterprises

1. Nana Academy


Taking Skilled Trades to New Heights

With a unique approach to a B2B managed marketplace, Nana Academy is leading the charge in producing top-tier appliance repair professionals. Their integrated model ensures quality training from student to operator.

2. BookNook


Leveling the Academic Playing Field with Tech

BookNook’s mission is clear – provide equitable access to top-notch instruction. Their innovative technological solutions bring quality learning resources within everyone’s reach.

3. Kai XR


Mixing Reality for Young Explorers

Kai XR has created inclusive mixed-reality spaces, opening doors for children to explore, dream, and bring their imaginations to life in new dimensions.

4. IEP&Me


Empowering Special Education with a Reimagined Approach

IEP&Me is revolutionizing the Individualized Education Program (IEP), aiming to foster a generation of empowered special education students.



Building a Diverse AI Future

Nonprofit AI4ALL seeks to diversify the world of artificial intelligence. Through education and opportunities, they’re ensuring a more inclusive AI industry.

6. OneUni


World-Class University Degrees on Your Smartphone

Gone are the days of brick-and-mortar institutions. OneUni brings top-tier university programs straight to your smartphone.

7. Land of Verse


Modern Takes on Ancient Healing Arts

Dive into the world of ancient healing with Land of Verse. Their innovative online methods make these arts more accessible than ever.

8. Joon App, Inc.


Gaming for Neurodivergent Empowerment

Joon App introduces a mobile gaming experience designed to instill positive habits and life skills in children with neurodivergence.

9. CodeHouse


Bridging the Gap: Students of Color in Tech

Nonprofit CodeHouse is driving change in the tech sector by creating a strong pipeline between students of color and top technology companies.

10. eDriving


Digital Driver’s Ed for the Modern Learner

eDriving’s platform brings driver education into the 21st century with online training solutions that cater to today’s digital native.

11. Skillprint


Empowering Personal Development Through Fun

Skillprint’s mission is simple: help you become the best version of yourself, and ensure you enjoy every step of the journey.

12. Actively Pursuing Goals


Spiritual and Fitness Coaching for the Soul

Seeking balance in life? Actively Pursuing Goals combines spiritual and fitness coaching to guide individuals towards holistic well-being.

13. Kingmakers of Oakland


Championing Black Male Students’ Success

This nonprofit is dedicated to reshaping narratives and outcomes for Black male students. Through education and empowerment, Kingmakers of Oakland is making a difference.

14. Family Engagement Lab


Unlocking the Potential of Family-Led Learning

Recognizing the immense potential families have in supporting children’s learning, Family Engagement Lab fosters collaboration and engagement at home.

15. Restvo


The Nexus of Marketplace, Mentoring, and Mobile Solutions

Combining various facets of learning and development, Restvo offers a unique blend of marketplace, mentoring, and mobile app solutions in the realm of education.

Oakland’s educational startups are setting the pace for global EdTech innovation. With these 15 enterprises at the helm, the future of education is not just bright—it’s revolutionary.

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