San Francisco’s Association Elite: 15 Startups Redefining Connection and Collaboration

In the heart of Silicon Valley’s urban cousin, a new breed of association companies are rewriting the rules on networking, collaboration, and impact.

1. Revel: Empowering the Ageless Woman

  • Website: Revel
    Revel is redefining what it means to age, creating a unique marketplace for women over 50. Whether it’s intellectual discussions or leisurely gatherings, Revel makes it easy for women to connect locally on topics close to their hearts.

2. All Raise: Paving Way for Women in Business

  • Website: All Raise
    Championing the cause of female founders and funders, All Raise’s nonprofit mission is to forge a future where business and equity walk hand in hand.

3. South Park Commons: Where Ideas Flourish

  • Website: South Park Commons
    A collaborative haven, South Park Commons invites the brightest minds to come together, brainstorm, and bring innovative ideas to life.

4. The Pulse of Tech Trends

  • Website:
    This collaborative research tool is a haven for market analysts looking to delve deep into the dynamic world of tech.

5. UpMetrics: Decision-making, Supercharged

  • Website: UpMetrics
    For those seeking insights from data, UpMetrics delivers tools and services to drive informed choices in business and beyond.

6. The Boardlist: Women Taking the Helm

  • Website: The Boardlist
    Promoting diversity in leadership, The Boardlist aids in placing competent women leaders on tech company boards.

7. OpenJS Foundation: The Open-Source Vanguard

  • Website: OpenJS Foundation
    Fostering open-source infrastructure projects, OpenJS Foundation stands at the crossroads of collaboration and innovation.

8. Partnership Leaders: Bridging Business Avenues

  • Website: Partnership Leaders
    This association plays a pivotal role in the partnership industry, connecting leaders and ideas.

9. Givv: Making Every Penny Count

  • Website: Givv
    Dubbed as the “Acorns for charity,” Givv ensures that charitable intentions translate into tangible impacts.

10. VoteAmerica: Empowering the Electorate

  • Website: VoteAmerica
    In an age of information overload, VoteAmerica offers trusted election data, ensuring every vote counts.

11. HSBC Venture Capital Coverage Group: Cultivating Business Potential

  • Website: HSBC VCCG
    HSBC’s venture arm liaises between the venture capital community and HSBC, crafting synergies that fuel growth.

12. DO Venture Partners: Investing in Tomorrow

  • Website: DO Venture Partners
    More than just an investment firm, DO Venture Partners scouts for the next big idea poised to disrupt industries.

13. Talio Technology: Rethinking Onboarding

  • Website: Talio Technology
    With a fresh take on enterprise onboarding and training, Talio Technology streamlines and revitalizes these crucial processes.

14. The Kelsey: Building Inclusive Communities

  • Website: The Kelsey
    Addressing the pressing housing challenges, The Kelsey designs solutions that champion affordability and inclusivity.

15. ADOOGOODA: Fostering Social Good

  • Website: ADOOGOODA
    A pioneering platform, ADOOGOODA is where communities unite for the larger good, driving social impact on a grand scale.

San Francisco continues to be a hub of innovation, and these association companies are the testament to the city’s undying entrepreneurial spirit. From tech to philanthropy, the future looks promising with these trailblazers at the helm.

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