Ramen Unveils Its Secure Wireless Network-As-a-Service for the Uncarpeted Enterprise

Ramen Inc. a pioneering Silicon Valley startup, today announced at the Cota Connect summit in San Francisco hosted by Cota Capital, the general availability of its Secure Wireless Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solution, RamenSN™.  Ramen uses a full stack approach, combining hardware, software, orchestration and monitoring to enable any company to leverage the benefits of a secure, highly reliable wireless network for their internal operations. By partnering with Ramen, enterprises can focus on their core business, while delegating the management and operation of their wireless network to a company with specialized expertise.

RamenSN™ is: 

  • Highly reliable: Ramen provides industry-leading Service Level Assurance for enterprise network uptime.
  • Zero customer touch: The Ramen team can have the entire network up and running in just a few weeks with minimal work for the customer.
  • Comprehensive technology support: Ramen supports CBRS, Wi-Fi and other radio technologies. Ramen selects the best wireless technology based on the use case and customer connectivity requirements.
  • Secure: Ramen provides Zero Trust Network Access, end-to-end encryption and authentication, and easy integration with the enterprise network security architecture. The customer can generate security audit and compliance (such as PCI & HIPPA) reports on-demand.
  • Application aware: In an enterprise network, various applications have their own set of network requirements. Ramen automatically configures the network based on the application requirements.

“RamenSN is ready for mass deployment after almost 2 years of development and over 6 months of intensive usage at multiple customer locations” said Partho Mishra, CEO of Ramen Inc.  “Our customers are running their companies’ mission-critical workflows day in and day out on the Ramen infrastructure, and we are proud to offer an industry leading SLA for reliability. Our solution has been deployed and tested in punishing conditions ranging from -30 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Denver University has been exploring new wireless technologies, specifically private CBRS/5G for a year,” said Russell Kaurloto, CIO and Vice Chancellor at DU. “We now have a Ramen solution fully deployed across our mountain campus (8000 feet high), with coverage over roughly 700 acres and with phenomenal success.  The system has been up and running for over 6 months, being one of the first in higher education. It’s like WiFi on steroids.”

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