tEQuitable Launches Health Benefits Navigator™ to Ensure Accessing Abortion-Related Employer Benefits is Confidential and Secure for All

tEQuitable’s newest product will help companies safely provide essential medical care benefits for their employees amidst privacy concerns

tEQuitable, a leading provider of confidential employee services, has launched the Health Benefits Navigator™ for businesses seeking to ensure their employees have secure and equitable access to reproductive healthcare.

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has driven companies like Meta, Amazon, Starbucks and others to step up support for their employees’ access to abortion care. For smaller companies, it has exacerbated significant data privacy risks. While employers attempt to fill gaps in ensuring their employees’ human rights, it is imperative they don’t create new problems by recording personal data that government entities might pursue. According to a recent survey, 82% of abortion care assistance requires employees to disclose their needs to their manager. A situation that could jeopardize employee medical privacy, expose them to persecution and leave companies few options but to comply with data search warrants. This is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

“Filling the abortion care gap requires more than just financial assistance,” said Lisa Gelobter, Founder and CEO of tEQuitable. “tEQuitable’s Health Benefits Navigator™ is critical to ensure people with the capacity for pregnancy have access to benefits that protect their privacy and shield the company.”

tEQuitable addresses confidentiality concerns by serving as an independent platform for companies and their employees. Like tEQuitable’s Ombuds platform, the Health Benefits Navigator™ provides end-to-end support for the entire organization.

For employees, an intermediary to anonymously navigate sensitive healthcare benefits while maintaining confidentiality around personal medical information. Plus, 24/7 access to tEQuitable’s platform containing relatable materials with actionable solutions on how to navigate unique workplace issues within our ever-changing social landscape.

For companies, anonymized aggregate trends and insights on the company’s culture around healthcare benefits, as well as data-driven recommendations to improve, create and execute equitable healthcare benefits and policies for their employees.

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tEQuitable is an Oakland-based startup using technology to make workplaces more equitable. Our mission is to create work cultures that work for everyone and help companies get in front of and prevent bias and discrimination in the workplace. Visit us at and connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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