The Financial Vanguard: 15 Pioneering Finance Startups of Los Angeles

Exploring LA’s FinTech Visionaries and the Revolution They’re Spearheading

1. 75 & Sunny

Venture Brilliance Under Californian Skies
75 & Sunny not only offers venture funds but doubles as a startup studio, making it a two-pronged force in the finance industry.

2. Sunroom

Empowering Women Through Finance
Sunroom is a unique application focusing on financial empowerment for women, allowing them to earn and break free from financial constraints.

3. Alive Ventures

Reimagining Senior Living Through Innovation
Dedicated to the senior community, Alive Ventures builds companies and products that enhance the lives of older adults.

4. Crediverso

A Confluence of Finance and Technology
Crediverso bridges the gap between traditional finance and modern technology, creating a versatile financial platform.

5. Casa Verde Capital

Seeding the Future of Finance
Specializing in seed investments, Casa Verde Capital nurtures nascent startups, aiding their growth and development.

6. Alpha Edison

Illuminating Tech-Driven Financial Ventures
Alpha Edison puts its weight behind innovations driven by technology, bringing transformative solutions to the finance world.

7. Walkabout Ventures

Pioneering Investment in FinTech Startups
Walkabout Ventures aims at venture funds investing in financial service startups, thus shaping the financial future.

8. Whitepine Finance

Demystifying Finance for Consumers
Whitepine Finance aids consumers in understanding the vast world of finance with its blend of technology and media.

9. Sinai Ventures

Investing in Digital Titans of Tomorrow
Sinai Ventures backs internet and software pioneers, believing in their potential to redefine the digital landscape.

10. Atticus Financial

Legal Finance Redefined
Atticus Financial manages a diverse portfolio of legal claims, showcasing a unique intersection of finance and law.


A Beacon of Hope in the Debt Crisis is a pivotal platform aiming to address the rising individual debt crisis by connecting consumers and creditors online.

12. Smash Ventures

Crafting Consumer Tech Legacies
Focusing on consumer internet and technology, Smash Ventures invests in businesses that have the potential to leave a lasting mark.

13. Cedars-Sinai Accelerator

Where Healthcare Meets Finance
Cedars-Sinai Accelerator is a unique collaboration aiming to propel technology innovators to new heights in the healthcare sector.

14. Crossover

Venturing into the Future of Tech
Crossover provides diversified access to the private tech sector, backing early-stage ventures that promise groundbreaking solutions.

15. Tasty Restaurant Group

Beyond Food: A Financial Culinary Fusion
Tasty Restaurant Group might have a culinary ring to its name, but its essence lies in operating as a robust private holding and operating company in the finance domain.

From empowering women to nurturing startups and blending finance with diverse sectors, these 15 companies are redefining the financial landscape of Los Angeles. Their innovative approaches not only showcase the versatility of finance but also highlight the city’s role as a burgeoning hub for FinTech evolution.

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